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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  February 4, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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assaulting another driver in northern virginia, but his agent says it's not true. good afternoon, i'm pat lawson muse. >> and i'm jim handly. we're following that developing news out of fairfax county this evening. police have issued an arrest warrant today for redskins defensive tackle albert haynesworth. he's accused of simple assault of a road rage incident wednesday. police tell us a man driving a honda civic claims haynesworth was tailgating him. he made a rude gesture which led to a confrontation, in which haynesworth got out of his car, exchanged words with the driver and hit him. the driver went to the hospital with minor injuries. police say haynesworth has made arrangements now to turn himself in sometime next week. haynesworth''s agent released this statement that says in part today, this man who actually provoked the situation himself recognized albert, and is now simply trying to turn it into
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his 15 minutes of game and get, we can only assume, some money. albert did not assault this man and looks forward to his day in court to refute these ridiculous allegations, end quote. the redskins are gathering information and will not comment further. we'll have team coverage tonight on news4 at 5:00. late developments now in the crisis in egypt. tens of thousands of anti-government protesters filled cairo's main square again today, demanding reform. the streets were mostly peaceful with only scattered clashes with pro government forces. in the international community, the calls for president hosni mubarak to step down are becoming more intense. >> the future of egypt will be determined by its people. it's also clear that there needs to be a transition process that begins now. the transition must initiate a process that respects the universal rights of the egyptian people, and that leads to free
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and fair elections. >> more now from nbc's richard engel in cairo. >> reporter: after friday prayers here in cairo today, several 100,000 protesters demanding that president hosni mubarak step down once again gathered in tahrir square . they were ready for a fight. the fight didn't happen. instead, families arrived, children arrived, and by mid afternoon, all of tahrir square was completely full. all of the people in there demanding in unison that president hosni mubarak step down. >> leave egypt. we no longer want you. >> he promised us one time. and then after 30 years if he is saying now i shall leave egypt, we do not believe him. >> reporter: the biggest development of the day, however, may have been the arrival of amar mussa, the secretary general. he said he would not be opposed to becoming egypt's next president. >> there's a change coming up,
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and there is a serious message that people are frustrated, are angry, and cannot accept the situation as it is. >> reporter: amar mussa has a great deal of popularity in this country. this is the first time we're seeing him so publicly put his name as a potential candidate. it could be a development here. there are a lot of people who want to take charge of this movement. amar mussa, however, according to many egyptians, so far, is the only one who has the gravitas and the credibility to do it. richard engel, nbc news, cairo. >> stay with news4 for the latest on the crisis in egypt. you can also get updates throughout the day on our website, plus coming up on news4, we'll talk to a local couple just back from egypt. a man from our area was arrested today in north carolina after allegedly hijacking a bus at gun point. police say 32-year-old jose flores of arlington held the greyhound bus at gunpoint.
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it had 35 passengers on board. of riders say they tried to stop him. >> when he turned around and she opened the door, it looked like he dropped the gun so i went to jump up and push him out the door. and when i did, he caught me. and he turned around and pointed the gun at my chest and told me to sit down. and i sat down. but right at that time, i thought i was going to get shot. >> reporter: police arrested flores affidavit bus pulled into a gas station. he's charged with kidnapping. no passengers were hurt. gabrielle giffords' astronaut husband announces he will be the commander for the final shuttle mission. commander mark kelly announced about an hour ago that he will stay on as the commander for the sts 134. the final flight for space shuttle "endeavor." kelly has been training for months, but his status as a member of the crew was put in question after last month's shooting in tucson. his wife is in the icu with a severe brain injury.
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kelly says he has been thinking about the mission since that day, and he says it was a difficult decision to make. >> what's key in this is the fact that she has very busy days during -- well, seven days a week. i know my wife very well, and i know what she would want. and so that makes the decision easier. >> kelly's training with the rest of the shuttle mission crew will resume monday. the launch date is tentatively set for april. another blast of winter weather slammed parts of texas today, making driving extremely treacherous. in san antonio, cars and trucks slid and skidded on icy roadways. in houston, one highway ramp was so slippery, vehicles had to back up. others just stopped trying to move all together. dozens of wrecks have been reported across the state. and take a look at this video. that's a massive chunk of ice sliding off the roof of cowboy stadium in arlington.
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arlington, texas, the site of sundays super bowl game. we're told five workers on the ground were injured, one critically. temperatures have been rising, and the ice is coming loose from the sloping roof. the fire department is keeping people back 75 feet from the stadium. of course, the bad weather is making it tough for football fans to get to the game. hundreds of flights to texas have now been cancelled. we already showed you just how bad the roads are. we'll have more on that part of the story, next, at 4:30. it's been some rough weather in the lone star state. >> indeed. and bad timing, too. let's talk about our weather. we've got a freezing rain advisory for tonight, folks. meteorologist veronica johnson joins us now. veronica, what's the latest? >> the latest, guys, for tomorrow morning, as we get ready to deal with another weather system moving very quickly east and northeastward up the coast. we've got some clouds out there right now as we take a look around the area. mostly high clouds today, and temperatures haven't been too bad. here's a look down south where you saw the snow around dallas,
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texas. that snow is north through oklahoma city, springfield, missouri and memphis, tennessee, they have been getting a mixture of snow and rain. elsewhere, easton montgomery and alabama, and georgia and charlotte, north carolina, all rain there. but our temperatures tonight are going to be below freezing across many locations. so as that moisture comes northward, that means the possibility of some icing throughout the area. i think light icing, because the precip that we're going to have tomorrow morning is going to be fairly light until we get to tomorrow afternoon. so here it is. baltimore county, howard county, areas of montgomery county, loudoun county, south and west, areas like raphan county off to the north and west, a freezing rain advisory pretty much through the morning hours. temperatures to the north. look at hagerstown, 36 degrees. 37 in frederick. and 42 degrees currently in d.c. for your overnight, we'll drop
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to 35 by 11:00 p.m. so again, this freezing rain advisory is for tomorrow morning. the moisture doesn't get to us until early in the morning, and temperatures by then will be cold enough. so some icing for the morning. we'll talk more about that coming up in just a few minutes. and this weekend, at least, as far as high temperatures go, we're going to be above freezing. but it's not going to stay that way. we'll look at you're seven-day forecast coming right up. >> thanks, veronica. el well, any time we get any snow, what it leaves behind are lots of potholes, so a springfield, virginia man came up with an idea. min tron is his name who created a free app called pothole alert. a double tap sends your phone number and the pothole's location to transportation officials in the area. after a confirmation e-mail. it can be used on both iphones and android. here's an alert. another weekend means expect delays for metro. there are going to be delays on the red and blue lines. on the red line, add 20 minutes
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to your trip between friendship heights and medical center. the same for new york avenue and rhode island avenue. on the blue line, add about a half hour if you're going between braddock road and van dorn street. >> on the job front, good news and not so good news. the unemployment rate fell to a flat 9%. that's the lowest level in two years. people who were looking for workers still having a difficult time finding work. brian mooar explains. >> unemployment 9% last month. the lowest in two years. but the economy only added 36,000 jobs, not nearly enough to get the economy moving again. >> it's got to be more. the president is the first to admit it. but we're on the right path out. >> reporter: the bad weather helped keep the labor numbers low. construction was especially hard hit. 38,000 jobs lost. and in january, the government also changed the way it counts
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long-term unemployed, tracking five years instead of two. a halfel million out of work americans have just stopped looking. at colleges and universities all across the united states, graduating students are facing some tough life lessons. this biology student isn't holding out for his dream job. >> i actually got an interview for a job at an army base near here. they wanted me to control, like, the goose population. >> reporter: this student is graduating a year early, and getting a head start. >> i have been communicating with people i know there, asking them to look at my resume or do mock interviews with me. >> reporter: while the employment picture has changed little, some economists note a striking mood change. >> it feels like a light switch has gone on in the last four to eight weeks. a sentiment shift very palpable. >> reporter: another mixed jobs report. not bad news. and for now, that's good enough. the white house says it expects the tax cuts passed by congress will spur job growth.
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on capitol hill, brian mooar, news4. two prince william county men were arrested after police say they tried to sell stolen stuff on craigslist. police say two teenagers broke into several homes in the bull run area. they were finally caught after one of the victims noticed that his child's pink disney laptop was listed on the website. he told news4 off camera that it was stolen from his home just days before. >> i walked into work, sit down, look on craigs list, cup of coffee, look for my items stolen, and lo and behold, about ten days after the robbery, i found one of the items that was -- that was mine. >> reporter: 19-year-old thomas lopez and 19-year-old larry salmonka have been charged now in two home burglaries, and are being looked at in connection with several others. in most cases, police say they gained access by forcing open the home's glass siding doors.
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when news4 at 4:00 continues, a new season, a new cast and a new location for "real housewives." we'll have a preview, coming up. also ahead at 4:00, there's a new killer whale show coming to sea world. but this time, there's a big change. and the bad weather we told you about in texas is making it really tough for some local fans to make it to the big game. we'll have that story. [ male announcer ] before he changed the world... tear down this wall. [ male announcer ] ...or led a nation... i ronald reagan do solemnly swear. [ male announcer ] ...or governed a state... you and i have a rendezvous with destiny. [ male announcer ] ...he inspired our company...
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with his optimism, his belief in innovation, and his entrepreneurial spirit. [ man ] for general electric, here is ronald reagan. ♪
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get ready for drama, big spending and a cast of women described as the fiercest ones of them all.
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>> fierce in florida. they are heating up in the sunshine state. that's right. bravo is finally revealing the cast of "the real housewives of miami." you're looking at the picture of them right here. this year's show includes one nba wife, larcenia pippin, and christie rice who used to be married to glenn rice. also, the executive editor of a spanish language magazine who calls herself the cuban barbie. next marsal patton who runs a lucrative pr company, there is a texan in the bunch and an art curator with a fiery temper. you can catch all the wives when the show premiers february 22 on bra very. mtv's casting crew wrapped up filming. this is the second time the network has sent strangers to sin city.
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cast members stayed in the hard rock hotel in a suite with a hot tub, bowling alley and bar. the new season is set to premier next month. sea world's new killer whale show debuts this spring, but don't expect trainers to jump into the water any time soon. sea world has kept its trainers on the deck since the death of trainer dawn brancho almost a year ago. the water show has earned a reputation for elaborate shows in which huge animals and trainers interact. >> the last year we took a step back, rightfully so. and we're evaluating every single thing we do with killer whales and still evaluating whether in water action is the right thing to do. >> the new show is called one ocean. sea world hasn't ruled out trainers returning to the water at a later point. well, philly may be famous for cheesesteaks, but on this day every year, the chicken wing
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is king in the city of brotherly love. philadelphia held its annual wing dole today. 27 contestants faced off, and maybe most importantly, the chance to wear a plastic wing crown. competition was close. jonathan squib, aka, super squib, devoured a record-breaking 255 chicken wings in the 30 minute challenge. he beat out his closest competitor by a single wing. that's unbelievable. >> yeah. >> that's just -- >> not a great way to get a date. we're talking love again with ellen mccarthy of "the washington post". great to see you. >> you too. >> this wedding couple met on a job interview. >> yes. this is the story of ken and kathryn. they met when she was interviewing for her first job out of college. and he walked out and was going to lead her back to the interview. and she had this very distinct
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reaction and thought oh, my god, that man has the hairiest hands i've ever seen. so she had to sort of recover, you know? and she didn't say that out loud, but she just sort of -- oh, goodness. so she recovered, enough to do well in the job interview. she got the gig. and they ended up working together. they worked together for six months. basically, as friends. and she was 22, he was 29 at the time. so things didn't get romantic right away. but then there was a -- a holiday happy hour, and they ended up being the last two standing, you know, or sitting, actually. and they had their first kiss that night. and they actually dateded for eight years before they finally tied the not. but, yeah, a good interview. >> they went great together. she likes hairy hands, it turns out. who knew? now let's check out the couple featured in this week's date lab segment. first up, the guys. >> yes. our brave guy this week. his name is scott. he works for an international organization, he's 25. he's an add venturer, organizing
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groups to go on strange excursion. he loves art, a good conversationalist. he told us that he was looking for a good with an artistic bend or somebody into science. we set her up with michelle, a 24-year-old hr manager. she is also sort of spontaneous. we thought she could keep up with him, very high energy, bubbly, likes to also go out. she wanted a romantic guy, but someone maybe more laid back than her. so we sent them out downtown to saba. and they both immediately liked the way one another looked. he thought she was cute, she thought the same. he picked up some nerves, going over the bio background, date stuff. what do you do, what do you do. it took them a little while to find common ground, but they eventually found out they travel to the same places, had things in common. he was always looking for a spark, or some sort of sense of flirtation.
4:20 pm
and he wasn't sure that he picked up on that vibe. but i have to tell you, when they went over their tab, you know, we give them a certain amount of money, and they went over, so we picked up the bill, he asked for her phone number. you'll have to read on sunday. >> that's good. it's good a place. we love it. thanks, ellen. have a great weekend. to read more about dating and love, log on to and you can always find more on pat? thanks a lot. coming up on news h4, just in t nick of time, a driver escapes seconds before this collapse. plus, a forgetful burglar leaves his phone behind. we're going to hear from some of his victims, when we come back. and for all your news, be sure to follow news4 online. just search nbc washington on facebook and twitter.
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never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. 60 miles compared to what a cancer patient goes through is a walk in the park. from the moment i registered, people started immediately supporting me and asking me how they could help. you meet the most wonderful, inspiring people. when you accomplish those 60 miles, it's truly life-changing. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime. a man got out of the way just in time. just as the canopy at this gas station collapsed. >> wow. >> yikes. it happened in shellton, connecticut. the owner says a customer had just passed beneath that canopy. the heavyweight of the snow from a recent storm apparently caused the collapse.
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wow. >> we were just talking about this yesterday, the flat roof, tons of snow. >> yeah. >> and now they're going to be getting more snow across parts of the country. more snow today and then there could be another system next week. >> wow. >> okay. well, spring is coming eventually. >> i know. we are all just -- like most winters, we just get so tired, can't take it anymore. >> there's a definite pattern here, that's for sure. >> yes, there is. >> you're watching some tonight for us, though. >> yes. really, it's the early morning hours tomorrow so between about midnight and about 6:00, maybe 10:00 a.m. for our far northwestern zones, that's where there could be freezing rain setting up for a short time period. take a look outside. sunshine for us today. and it really was a nice day outside. we didn't have a whole lot of wind. and the wind that we did have, pretty light, out of the south and southwest. so mild for us. 42 degrees, the temperature right now. the air is dry. look at the dew point at 21 degrees. humidity at 43% right now. throughout the area, our temperatures everywhere from georgetown at 42 degrees, looking nice, oxen hill at 39
4:25 pm
degrees, prince george's county. springfield at 38. and lateensville, 38, with a southwesterly wind. look at the temperatures, not half of the country, but two-thirds of the nation here, we are at 42. look at all of these other locations, all the other cities. we have got some of the mildest air sitting over us than most of the nation right now. as we go into the overnight and tomorrow, it's going to get plenty cold again, even around dallas. but tomorrow they're back up to 42 degrees. and then for sunday, close to 50 degrees, so the snow will be out of there, and there will be a little bit of a rebounding on temperatures here across the southern plains in the nation's mid section, which is good, because it will help with the melting snow there. all right. here's the storm system that we're watching down around the gulf of mexico. on one side where the cold air is, that white, is where the snow is. through areas of arkansas and missouri, that's a whole lot of rain. by the time the storm gets to us, i don't think we're going to see a tremendous amount of rain out of this system. maybe a quarter, maybe a third of an inch of rain.
4:26 pm
but as we zoom in just a little tight e show you where that snow is now north and east of oklahoma city, coming up through areas of arkansas, just north of little rock, and a rain shower scooting right over the border of north carolina into virginia. so it's going to take some time before it gets here. watch the next 48 hours in the future cast. icy to the north of us until tomorrow morning. saturday, the rain should be out of here by 7:00. there's that low moving away. some accumulating snow in the high spotses just west of us. and then sunday, a partly sunny day. so here it is. freeze rain and light icing. all where you see pink, montgomery county through areas of northern talkier county where there could be light icing. and hanging on longer to the north until about 10:00 a.m., elsewhere, it's all rain. so for the evening, 30 to 35 degrees, pretty nice for the evening. then 27 to 33 with freezing rain possible to the north and west. and then a steady rain between noon and 5:00 with rain probably ending around 7:00 or 8:00.
4:27 pm
there's a look at your seven-day forecast. we'll talk more about that little event at the beginning of next week coming you up in a few. >> all right. thanks, veronica. >> still to come on news4 at 4:00, folks paid thousands of dollars for super bowl tickets, but now they're having a tough time just getting to the game from d.c. >> there's always t.v. for the rest of us, right? plus, soon, you may not be able to smoke in times square. the strict new ordinance coming up. dentures are softer than teeth
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and welcome back at 4:30, everybody. i'm jim handly. >> i'm pat lawson muse. here's what's happening in egypt. tens of thousands of anti-government protesters filled cairo's main square again today, demanding reform. the streets were mostly people with only scattered clashes with pro government forces. a warrant for the arrest of albert haynesworth. he is accused of simple assault in a road rage incident on the fairfax county parkway. police say haynesworth assaulted another driver. the driver went to the hospital with minor injuries. haynesworth's agent denies the allegations. live team coverage at 5:00. congresswoman gabrielle giffords' husband will fly the
4:31 pm
space shuttle "endeavor." he was training before his wife was shot last month in tucson. kelly says it was a difficult decision burks he says he knows it's what his wife gabby would want him to do. and stocks managed to bounce back from the news on slow jobs growth today. the dow finishing another day above the 12,000 level with a 30-point gain. the nasdaq shot up 15 points, and the s&p gained about 4. the monster storm that crippled much of the country this week isn't helping football fans who are trying to get to texas for the super bowl sunday. a new layer of snow and ice forced airlines to delay, even san ankle cancel a lot of flights to dallas. some fans excited about the big game, but worried they may not be able to get down to texas in time to see it. >> reporter: they aren't hard to spot in the terminal. their team jackets and hats are a dead give-away. these folks are going to the super bowl. at least they hope so. bad weather has prompted cancellations in dallas.
4:32 pm
at reagan national, some were a bit nervous. after all, super bowl tickets are a huge investment. >> you're looking at like over $5,000. so i mean, to -- that's a lot of money. you don't want to be throwing that away. and that's a long trip to be driving to drive from here to dallas. if it i had to, i would. >> reporter: mark lewis made his flight. but jason henderson wasn't so lucky. he arrived at reagan national this morning to learn that his flight had been cancelled. >> i couldn't believe it. when i got here, i thought he was joking because i had my green bay packers stuff on and i said it cannot be cancelled. i'm rebooked on the 8:00, so i'll get there around 11:00 their time and catch the festivities then. >> reporter: elated, henderson went to his gate. but two hours later, we saw him again. he was back in the ticket line. his second flight had been cancelled too. >> somebody here is going to get me to dallas. >> reporter: and somebody did. at least he hopes so.
4:33 pm
he was booked on a flight with a stop in nashville, but as others have learned, connecting flights can also be a problem. >> my wife checked in, and they're telling us that it's not looking too good right now. we are getting to st. louis. we don't now how we're gelling from st. louis to dallas. they haven't said that. >> reporter: things did seem to improve as the morning wore on. a number of nonstops from reagan national to dallas left on time. from reagan national, megan mcgrath, news4. >> oh, timing. the dallas area is not used to getting this much snow and ice. >> jay gray reports from outside cowboy stadium. >> reporter: well, the snow has actually picked up again here in north texas, mixed in with what feels like sleet, really causing major travel problems here. of course, the roadways have been coated in ice for a couple days. and now they're adding this layer of snow so it's very slick going there. but also, the airports with so many fans planning to come in for the weekend and attend the big game, it's going to be very
4:34 pm
tough to get to this area. dfw airport has four runways open right now, but also, they've already cancelled more than 300 flights. so it's going to get very busy, very quickly, and there will likely be some fans who will be stranded. that's the difficulty they're facing as preparations continue for the super bowl here. inside that warm stadium, they say everything is going as planned, and that they will be ready for the big game. and it looks like mother nature may begin to cooperate a little bit by the weekend with highs forecast in the mid to upper 40s. that could melt a lot of the ice and snow that's on the ground right now. that's the very latest from north texas. i'm jay gray. now back to you. >> and around 3:30 this afternoon, this was the scene above cowboys' stadium. a massive chunk of ice. look at this, slid right off the roof. we're told five workers on the ground were hurt. one of them critically.
4:35 pm
moving on to a bit of baseball. batter up before you settle in to watch the super bowl sunday. baseball fans might want to make a trip up to baltimore. the babe ruth museum is offering a once in a lifetime chance to hold one of the bats used by the babe during his legendary 1927 season. only a few bats exist outside the baseball hall of fame. fans can hold the bat and have a photo taken for ten bucks. that goes to charity. ruth was born in baltimore on february 6th, 1895. new york city's tough smoking ban is about to get even more restrictive. mayor bloomberg is promising to sign a bill passed by the city council to prohibit smoking in all city parks, on city benches, and even in times square. this covers 1,700 parks and 14 miles of public beaches, plus board walks, marinas and pedestrian plazas.
4:36 pm
the ban has been in place since 2003. the new law takes effect 90 days after the mayor signs it. stay right there. we've got a whole lot more to come on news4 at 4:00. a couple talks about spending the night trapped in a department store inside a mall. and verizon is cashing in quickly on the iphone frenzy.
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4:38 pm
a couple in more than minnesota got more than they bargained for when they went to a sears department store on wednesday. >> pay attention when you're shopping. the two were working on their taxes, actually, when they were in the store. they lost track of the time. the doors locked, and the lights went out. >> and they said they couldn't
4:39 pm
let us out, because they didn't have keys to be able to get into the store. so the whole time, adt is going off. >> victoria lind says now they can laugh about this, but at the time it was very scary. they were locked in the store for about an hour. the folks from sears apologized for the incident. the store is now in the process of reviewing its closing procedures. well, it took just 17 hours before verizon wirelesses had to shut down the preordering of the new iphone, because it didn't have anymore to give out. >> oh, it happened fast. verizon calls it the most successful phone launch in the company's history. the phones that were set aside for preorders were just for existing verizon customers. more iphones will be made available on wednesday, when sales open up to everybody. lots coming up tonight on nbc washington nonstop, including pie and comedy on daily connection. >> here's wendy rieger with a preview. >> reporter: lots coming up tonight on nbc washington
4:40 pm
nonstop. at 7:00, i'll be joining pat lawson muse for daily connection. it's comedy friday, and comedian brett ernst is stopping by. plus, it is still pie month, and we're trying two of my home made chess pies, a southern classic. nonstop foodies d.c., we have a recipe for apple crumb pie, just like your mom. it all starts tonight at 7:00 on nbc washington nonstop tonight on comcast 208. of over the air, 4.2. again, all starts at 7:00 on nbc washington nonstop. check it out. >> i have to tell you, wendy is really good at this pie-baking business. >> yes, she's got it down. a new flavor or new kind of pay every day for pie month. >> waist lines extending. get ready for a rainy weekend. veroni veronica's forecast coming up. and definitely not a good day for a dip in the florida ocean.
4:41 pm
>> reporter: i'm liz crenshaw. if you booked travel to egypt, would rip trip insurance cover the political unrest? that's the question. the answer coming up on ask
4:42 pm
4:43 pm
if you booked travel to egypt, would trip insurance cover the political unrest? why don't new bath towels absorb very much water? and why does the post office charge a fee when you change
4:44 pm
your address online? it's friday, which means it's time to ask liz all the questions. >> yeah, the egypt question is actually a serious question and a good one, i think. >> and it's our first question this afternoon. liz, it involves the political situation in egypt. and the question is, if travelers have to cancel a flight or incur extra expenses because of civil or political unrest, would trip insurance cover that? >> a good question. we contacted the insurance information institute for this answer, and it pointed us to the website says that civil and political unrest are not -- are not a reason for a refund of a trip with standard coverage under most travel insurance policies. however, there are several policies that do cover just those extra expenses, if you're delayed because of civil unrest. in order to receive reimbursement for that, though, make sure you save any documentation, such as receipts when you're filing a claim. piece of good news. many airlines, though, are offering adjustments free of charge.
4:45 pm
american airlines, british airways, iberia, for example, are waiving change fees for customers scheduled to travel through europe. however, those customers will have to make these changes by february 8th. you need to call the airlines' reservation line number to make the change. so the airlines are stepping up to it, but typical trip insurance will not cover civil unrest. >> you would think it would. all right. >> always read that fine print on trip insurance. >> which is what you always say. >> that's the liz crenshaw tapes. >> our next question comes from allison in virginia. allison says whenever she buys new bath towels, they don't absorb a lot of water. >> yeah. why is that? we checked with the clothing and linens retailer land's end. it says that manufacturers often use a fabric softener to make the towels look fluffy and soft in the stores. however, these softeners also prevent absorption of water by your new towel. for this reason, it is always best to wash your towels before
4:46 pm
you use them. lands end also recommends adding a cup of vinegar to that first wash cycle. the vinegar helps remove any extra soaps and softeners used when the towel was manufactured. i love that answer. i didn't know that. >> i do always wash them before i use them. >> a little vinegar added to the water helps. >> all right. last question comes from rita in arlington, virginia. she says she wants to file a change of address with the united states post office online, and it's charging her a dollar fee. why is that? >> what's that about? okay, rita, the usps helped us with this answer. it says that a change of address may be filed online, over the phone, through the mail, or in person at your local post office. however, if you choose to file over the internet, or on the phone, the usps requires a dollar verification fee. this fee allows it to make sure you have the right to change the address. and if you prefer not to pay the fee, you can print and mail that change of address form or simply go to the post office and complete the form in person. if you've got a question you
4:47 pm
would like us to question for ask liz, send it to, or connect with me on twitter. just search liz crenshaw. and on facebook, search liz crenshaw's consumer watch. we'll join you at 5:00 with more questions. >> thank you. jim? >> thank you both. veronica joins us again. we're talking about freezing rain. fortunately knee no work commute. >> that's right. we have an excuse to sleep in. because we're talking about the possibility to 6:00. we talked about a wet weekend, but only half the weekend. just saturday where we could see some rain around the area. so a small window there, opportunity, with a little bit of freezing rain from 2:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. let's talk temperatures right now out there. we're at 42 degrees currently. tomorrow's high temperature, about 39. to 40. and then 45 for sunday. and we continue to warm as we go into the early part of next week. only to monday, with a high of 50. then we're going to start cooling down again. so temperatures still doing the
4:48 pm
up and down. take a look at south, raleigh, north carolina. 36 degrees. 39 degrees right now over in roanoke, virginia. so as this system's moisture moves north and northeastward, there will be some areas just to our far west around i-81, once again, that could be a little icy for the morning. as far as the moisture pushing northward by 2:00, 3:00 a.m., it hits areas like fredricksburg, virginia, as well as stafford and continues to move northward. so icy spots around the area. our temperature about 32 to 33 degrees. areas north, 28. frederick, maryland, martinsburg, west virginia, 27. it's those locations to the north that will hold freezing rain a little longer, probably up until about 10:00 a.m. so in the pink, that's where there could be some light icing taking place tomorrow until 6:00 a.m. or so, longer as you travel north, up you around areas, i-70270, in rhetoric, light snow
4:49 pm
in maryland. we were talking earlier in the weather office how this will be a good weekend for getting in a little bit of skiing. so 39 the high temperature for tomorrow. here's a look at your four-day forecast. sunday, great weather. fantastic. 50 on monday with a few rain showers. and then maybe a few snow showers for tuesday. maybe some flurries. but a bigger system could be brewing around the area for thursday. so that's one to watch. >> thursday. all right. >> have a good weekend. >> you too. thanks, veronica. coming up on news4 at 4:00, why the man with the golden voice is offering the public a chance to own a piece of viral video history. and how a local crook got away with thousands of dollars in jewelry while leaving behind something much more important. [ male announcer ] verizon believes
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4:52 pm
the once homeless but now famous ted williams became an overnight internet hit because of his golden radio voice. but also because of the whole image. >> yeah, tmz reports williams will auction off now the cardboard sign and jacket he wore online. williams' rep told tmz proceeds will go to the ted williams second chance foundation. >> hmmm. well, this is not what you want to see when you're out strolling along the beach. hundreds of portuguese man of wars washed ashore in porch know beach, florida. they raised purple warning flags to tell people to stay out of the water, but some folks
4:53 pm
walking along the beach were stung, just the same. they suffered only minor injuries. >> you don't want to step on one of those. they sting. >> still ahead, much more local police catch a suspected serial burglar, thanks to him leaving behind his cell phone. coming up on news4 at 5:00, live team coverage of the albert haynesworth saga. a warrant is now out for his arrest. also tonight, it could be a rough road ahead, because there are soon going to be thousands of new drivers on the roads with you. and rival bars are hoping to cash in with customers on super bowl sunday. and some relief for people suffering from chronic headaches. the five things that could be triggering that pain.
4:54 pm
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4:56 pm
a maryland man is sitting in jail right now, charged with pulling off ten burglaries around montgomery county. he might have gotten away with them, if it weren't for cell phone and a well-timed power outage. darcy spencer talked to some of his victims. >> i felt cold air coming through, and there was glass all around down here. >> reporter: when this silver spring man came home from work last friday afternoon, he apparently startled a burglar who was upstairs in his mother's bedroom. he heard a crashing sound. >> the loud ruckus was him opening up my mom's bedroom window and jumping a good 17
4:57 pm
feet. but -- landed on ten inches of snow. so -- >> reporter: soft landing. the suspect, 25-year-old cody wilkins, jumped out of the bedroom window, on to the snow and took off. you can see his tracks. he initially got away, but he left behind a very important clue. his cell phone. it was plugged into the outlet, charging. he apparently forgo to take it with him. >> and what did you think when you saw his phone sitting there? >> what an idiot. >> reporter: the burglar took thousands of dollars in jewelry from the victim's bedroom. >> my engagement ring, my -- really nice stuff. which you cannot really ever replace. >> reporter: police say the power had been out at wilkins' home, so he was charging his phone. and while the suspect's prepaid phone could not be traceded to him, he had a number of programs you sa under the name "home." they called it and were able to get wilkins' name and address. he is now facing multiple
4:58 pm
charges stemming from it burglaries in aspen hills, rockville and north silver spring, dating back to october. >> we're grateful he got caught and won't ever hopefully, you know, invade somebody else's home like he did. >> reporter: darcy spencer, news4. and that's news4 at 4:00. news4 at 5:00 starts right now. bad boy albert haynesworth in trouble again tonight. this time, it's for his alleged actions off the football field. good evening, everyone. welcome to news4 at 5:00, i'm jim handly. >> and i'm wendy rieger. tonight there is a warrant issued for the defensive tackle. john schriffen is live in restin. john? >> reporter:el with, wendy, good
4:59 pm
evening, just a short while ago, we got the chance to speak with the man who claims he was attacked by albert haynesworth. now, that man, joel valezqez was advis advised not to talk to us by his lawyer. fairfax county police say the alleged road rage incident happened after 9:00 wednesday morning along fairfax county parkway in restin. police say a man going southbound believed he was being tailgated by a pickup truck driven by defensive tackle albert haynesworth. at the intersection of lake newport road, the driver of the civic made an ab seen gesture. when both cars came to a red light at new dominion parkway, words were exchanged and that's when haynesworth allegedly got out of his pickup truck and approached the civic. according to, after the driver rolled down his window,


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